latest news 25 aug 2013
currently recording in CPH
opens the infamous Festival of Endless Gratitude 29th of august 2013

COAL HOOK 1 - live YouTube 2009
COAL HOOK 2 - live YouTube 2009
COAL HOOK   1st CD released 2007        HOME
is a bi-continental, willing-to-travel, duo coming from somewhere close to
the eye of the storm with news from beyond instant satisfaction.

in the heat of copenhagen's post-millenium-christiania, Ron Schneiderman

(of Sunburned Hand of the Man, Aethr Myth'd) and experimental madman &
art-rock truth-teller Jørgen Teller
(... & the Empty Stairs) discovered
the vibe for COAL HOOK during a one-time performance arranged by danish
promoter TROELS MADS in December of 2006.

The famed venue BYENS LYS and it's fire-heated wood-house cult-ambience
went straight into the blood of this new being. From there the duo met at
Jørgen's city studio for a session of blistering open music that proved
there was a newly formed bond that was merely at a beginning. the course
has been set for this string to be untied and the story to be opened.

This music of COAL HOOK has all the nerve of todays free  rock movement at
hands. Both contributors has long lasting relationships with the musics of
free spirits in both improv/alt.rock/psycedelic/dub/noise and folk music.
in concert we travel through moments of insane beauty and lightning both
in transparent parts and dark masses.

COAL HOOK released two CDrs during RON's 1 month residence
in CPH may 09. Both recorded in the studio.
A 3rd live one is to be released summer 09.


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